Math Empowers 5

Middletown Township Public Schools

Fifth Grade• 2nd Trimester •2017-2018

Fraction Focus

Fractions take the forefront in fifth grade during mid-Trimester 2. Students have learned about fractions for the past few years. To see the progression of students fraction knowledge, please see this video. In beginning the topic of fractions this year, fifth grade's focus is teaching students to transfer their knowledge of equivalent fractions to be able to add and subtract those that do not have common denominators. Consider using some of the following activities when beginning fraction topics: Egyptian Fractions (add unlike fractions), Find Common Denominators to Add (add unlike fractions), The Sum Is (add mixed numbers), Use Equivalent Fractions to Subtract (subtract unlike fractions), Hershey Bar Fractions (naming fractions different ways), and/or Spin and Race (add unlike fractions).

Problem Solving Framework

Students can always improve upon on their problem solving skills. In this blog post, Robert Kaplisky discusses an approach to problem solving that students can use for most problems, no matter the complexity. He talks about the downfall of the CUBES method and why, when students use this method to solve complex problems, it breaks down pretty easily. Instead of using CUBES, a method that seems to work for simpler problems, consider switching to a more long-term solution, such as the one listed in this post.
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Join the Movement! Making a commitment to growth as a class can be a GAME CHANGER...but how can this be done? Start a journey to achieve a growth mindset together by stop saying “I’m not good at math” and be okay with making mistakes! When you embrace failure, you grow stronger.

Click here to watch a video and take a pledge together with your class - you’re on your way!

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Have any questions, comments, or great ideas to share with your fellow 5th grade teachers – please email me, or your building Math Specialist. “It's amazing what we can accomplish when we're in it together."

Ashley Connors

Elementary Mathematics Specialist

Navesink Elementary School

Math Empowers - Fifth Grade Representative