Botulism rare deadly food illness

by Chad Drye

where its from

this disease was found from low acid food that was canned. many people are at a high eligiblity of death to this disease. cnc reports 150 cases per year. this is a nerve toxcin illness. this will mess with your mind mentally.


most of these are nerve based. As in droppy eyelids, vomiting, body aches/ muscle weakness, diffiuclty swallowing, slurred specch , and blurred vision. almost sounds like a coma!
this is nerve bound affecting virus. these foods that was canned was beets ,corn, asparagus, and green beans. this is a untreated virus. the only treatment that can be provided is to be put on a respiratory unit, because this disease affects the entire nerve harness.
Black bean sauce was recalled because of the possiblity of this illness. to date is appears there hasn't been any recent dates of this illness.

you can go to , food poison journal, www. foodborne , or

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