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OACTEP Agriculture Programs Offer 2nd Grade Students a Trip to Remember

On May 19th second grade students were treated to a hay ride over to the Junior-Senior High School to tour the Agriculture department, feed the baby goats and pigs, and planted seeds in a carton to take home before taking another hayride back to the Primary Learning Center.


Tractor Day May 7, 2021

This year the Octorara FFA opened up to the Octorara community the age old agriculture tradition of "Bringing Your Tractor to School Day". This year the FFA event had double the turn out from last year with 8 tractors. The oldest tractor entered was from 1947 and the youngest tractor was from 1999.

Animal and Plant Science

Over the past few months students have been planting seeds and monitoring growing conditions for various vegetables that will be planted in the high tunnel greenhouse. They are looking fantastic!

Later this month students will be competing in virtual career development events (CDE's) in horse judging, wildlife, forestry, small engines, and tractor driving. We will also be giving second grade students a hayride over to tour our Ag facilities and to plant some seeds to take home. The Ag Departments are having an in class FFA award ceremony to recognize students that earned their Greenhand and Chapter Degrees this year. Lastly, over the next few weeks until the end of the school year the Ag teachers will be working with students to earn their Safe Tractor and Machinery Certificate in both Ag Mech and Animal and Plant Science.

Mechanical Systems Technology Builds a Log Splitter from Scratch!

Part of the Mechanical Systems Technology curriculum is learning about hydraulics. In teaching this concept and using grant money from PA Department of Agriculture, Mr. Graydus had the Mechanical Systems Technology students build from scratch a log splitter. Representative John Lawrence came to help test the splitter.

Homeland Security and Protective Services Academy Students test for their Fire 1 Certifications

On April 29, 2021 Ulises Aguilera-Bedolla, Tucker Aliberti, Alex Cahoone, Zachary Felker, Dalton Lotz, Will Mikulich, Carolena Ortiz-Nava, Jeffrey Seese, and Lance Smith, cadets from the Homeland Security and Protective Services Academy tested for their Interior Fire Certification.

Homeland Security and Protective Services Academy EMT Class Completion

Congratulations to Ulises Aguilera-Bedolla, Tucker Aliberti, Alex Cahoone, Zachary Felker, Carolena Ortiz-Nava (already certified as an EMT), Jeffrey Seese, Dalton Lotz, Lauren Dymond,

Joseph Decker, Emily Keiter-Cornett, Courteney Bisson, Caleb Cunningham, and Corey Garver for completing their EMT Class. Students now qualify to take the National EMT certification test.

Homeland Security and Protective Services Academy Law Enforcement

Throughout the course of the year Instructor Chief Narcise had multiple guest speakers in to provide students with real world learning experiences. Thank you to all the following speakers:

  • Detective Sergeant, Steve Jones ---- spoke to students on writing search warrants.
  • SWAT Commander, Jeff Heim and the SWAT Team came and ran various scenarios with students.
  • Former 1st Assistant District Attorney, Mike Noone came to discuss the courts and trials.
  • Chief County Detective, Dave Sassa spoke to students about active shooters and courthouse incidents.
  • 19th Chief Robert Linger and Chief Lou Marcelli came to do mock interviews with the senior cadets.

Business Academy Students Present to the Octorara School Board of Directors

On May 10th, Nathan Morales, Jaden DiAntonio, Manny Cabrera, and Ms. Simon presented to the Octorara Area School Board of Directors. Each student shared the learning that takes place at each level of the program. They also shared they experience from the April 20 and 21, Virtual Enterprise's Online International Trade Show. Students featured their very own simulation business, SupplierX, a subscription box service for office supplies. In addition to generating $38,000 in revenue, students enhanced their skills in sales, marketing and customer service. The trade show provided each student with the opportunity to network with students and business professionals from around the world!

To end the presentation Allen Fellman and Gina Rodkey from the Parkesburg Area Business Association (PABA) presented Nathan Morales with a $1,000 scholarship.

Big picture

Graphic Design and Illustration

The VIRTUAL Senior Art Show is going live on May 17, 2021.

Congratulations to Graphic Design and Illustration seniors Kate Sweet and Maddie Reynolds. Kate was accepted by competition into the MICA High School Senior Art Show, and Maddie Reynolds received $400 Honorable mention in the PCAD Student Art Show.

A BIG congratulations to Graphic Design & Illustration OACTEP seniors for receiving the following scholarships:

  • $9,000/year MICA (+ misc scholarships to Kutztown, SCAD & Ringling)
  • Maddie Reynolds $ 2,000/year PCAD
  • Hayden Young $1,000 Kasie's Cause
  • Jessica Wichhart $15,000/year West Virginia Wesleyan (+ art Scholarship - unsure of amount)

10 NEW certifications for the 2021-2022 school year:

  1. Fundamentals of digital marketing
  2. Digital Advertising 101: How to Develop a Winning Online Advertising Strategy
  3. Social Media Marketing Course: Get Certified in Social Media Strategy
  4. Beginner Digital Photography
  5. Adobe Photoshop Essential Tools
  6. Adobe InDesign
  7. Adobe Dreamweaver CC
  8. Advanced Digital Photography
  9. Graphic Design - Visual and Graphic Design
  10. Great Artists and Their Works - introduction

What's so Cool About Manufacturing

Congratulations to the Octorara 2021 "What's So Cool About Manufacturing" Team: Georgia Moore, Elizabeth Murphy, Emily Zimny, and Mr. Kolb for winning the Award for Outstanding Manufacturing Message, in the Chester/Delaware County Contest.

The annual What’s So Cool About Manufacturing? video contests excite students to explore cool manufacturing careers and produce profiles of companies throughout Cheser/Delaware County. The contest’s objective is to change students’ perceptions about manufacturing careers.

Diversified Occupations

The Diversified Occupations Curriculum Class had a presentation from Null's Towing April 28, 2021. Null's Towing demonstrated how to change a tire, and students were also able to practice doing so. Students gained knowledge about how to prevent car related emergencies which would make them late to work. They gained additional skills in steps they should take if an emergency arises.