Florence Nightingale

by Zoie Bright

Some Quick Facts

1. Born May 12, 1820

2. Born in Florence, Italy

3. Homeschooled

4. Nurse (basically the first actual nurse)

5. Died august 13, 1910, she got sick in Park Lane, London

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What She Invented

  • Invented the polar are chart and founded St Thomas’ Hospital

  • The area chart is divided into twelve sections, one for every month of the year. The length of a section shows how many people died that month. The sections are divided into three parts, one for battle, one for other causes, and one for disease. She also founded St Thomas’ Hospital

What Would Change if She had never lived?

1. If Florence had never lived there would be little nursing and there would be very few hospitals. Nursing would also not be taken seriously.

What World Event was Going On

1. Crimean War, she was called to nurse in Turkey for the war and was angered by all of the death. She founded a nursing school after that and invented the polar area chart.

What She Contributed

1. Her small team of nurses cared for 10,00 wounded men (#14)

Important Adult Experiences

1. (#19) opened a training college and nursing became a respected profession.


1. Was awarded the Royal Red Cross by Queen Victoria in 1883 (#20)

Her Childhood

1. When she was a child, he spent her free time cataloging her possessions(#12)

Her Family

Her dad was a landowner and was very wealthy. Her parents had very social lives. Both she and her sister were homeschooled together (#11)

Was there a ring?

1. Florence never married nor had any children, but she saw herself as the mother of the soldiers she tended to. (#18)

Places Florence Has Lived

1. Italy, Turkey, Germany (# 17)

Any Inspiration?

Her grandfather inspired her to go into the medical field (#23)

Wise Words

“How very little can be done under the spirit of fear.”- Florence Nightingale (#16)


1. She was very determined and rebelling. Most of the soldiers saw her as “The Lady with the Lamp”. (#21)

Why is She Intersting?

1. Florence is interesting because she was so independent and she rewrote how people saw nurses and nursing. She basically founded modern nursing and contributed massive amounts of knowledge for medical circumstances. (#22)