Rebecca Latimer Felton

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Have you ever heard of Rebecca Latimer Felton? well she sure was an interesting pearson!

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Early life

Rebecca Ann Latimer was born on June 10, 1835, the daughter of Charles Latimer, a decalub county merchant and planter, and his wife, Eleanor Swift Latimer. When the young Latimer graduated, at the top of her class, in 1852 from Madison Female College in madison, the commencement speaker was William H. Felton, a recently widowed state legislator, physician, methadist minister, and planter in bartow county. A year later the valedictorian and the speaker were married, and Rebecca Felton moved to her husband's farm, just north of cartersville. Of the five children born to the couple, only one, Howard Erwin, survived childhood.

life as a senetor

It is important to begin a discussion of Rebecca Felton's career by talking about her husband for two reasons. First, she entered the public arena through her husband's political career.

Rebecca Latimer Felton

She became more than just a campaign manager. She polished his speeches and wrote dozens of news paper articles, both signed and unsigned, on his behalf. She helped draft the bills that he introduced in the state legislature. In 1885 the Feltons bought a Cartersville newspaper, which she ran for a year and a half to promote her husband. She was undoubtedly his biggest and most effective supporter. William Felton's constituents sometimes bragged that they were getting two representatives for the price of one. Not everyone liked the arrangement, however. A fellow legislator, speaking from the assembly floor, called Felton "the political she of Georgia," an unflattering characterization that greatly angered the husband and wife team.

late life

in 1930 Rebecca died. She died when she was 94 years old. Rebecca lived a long adventurous life. rebecca died becouse of her old age.