Ethical Research

By Sean Hall

Availible credible websites

Ebsco Host

CIA World Factbook

Mid-Continent Virtual Library Database - Library card number - 20005001149413

(All on Lakeview website)

Follow directions below.

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What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the act of presenting ideas, pictures, original ideas, words, and the creative ideas of others as your own. It is a criminal offense. Some consequences are an "F" on the assignment, getting kicked out of college, getting fired at a job, getting fined, and more.

Good research question

How many bald eagles are in the US

- Advance search - Look for these words - type "Animal" - go to Site - type in ".org, .edu, .gov"

What is MLA citation

MLA citation is a form of citation that includes the authors name, the copyright date/year published (©).

Deciding if it is credible, and/or reliable

Find the author, the url (.com vs .edu, etc), sponsors, ads, etc. Once you find these things, then you go to two other websites, and see if they have the same, or close to the same information. You also need to find the same things on the other website (see sentence #1).

Credible website (below)

Non-credible website (below)