The Most Dangerous Game Project

By: Alyse Luna

Song 1 – The Man Comes Around - By Johnny Cash

Rainsford and Whitney are on the boat talking about the mysterious island and how it scares the toughest member on the ship. When Whitney goes to bed, Rainsford hears gunshots. He goes onto the railing and while he's trying to look his pipe falls. He went to grab his pipe and he lost his balance which caused him to fall into the ocean.

Song 2 – Welcome to the Jungle By : Gun n Roses

When Rainsford falls he has to swim to shore, which isn't close. He has to be careful about conserving his energy so he can make to the island. When he finally gets there it wasn't a peace of cake he had to climb up one of the shore line rocks before he got crushed by them. Then when he was finally out of harms way he feel asleep and woke up the next day confused on where he was at it was a jungle he just had to figure out how to find the men so he used his hunting skills to track them down.

Song 12 – The Devil went down to Georgia By – Charlie Daniels

Back up at his house the General ate then went to bed he locked himself in his room and before he went to bed he looked out the window not realizing that Rainsford was behind the curtain waiting he came out and the general was shocked so he asked how he had made it back so fast and so he told him and then the general proposed that who wins gets the bed and who looses gets the hounds and that night Rainsford had never slept in a more comfortable bed.