Depth of Knowledge in Science

Using DOK in the classroom and building balanced assessments

Outcomes and Objectives

What do you want to gain from this session?

My intended outcome for this session is that all participants will...

- become familiar with the different levels of depth of knowledge and their application to their content.

- explore the different levels of DOK and their application to the TEKS, assessment questions and formative assessments.

- understand how to utilize the test analysis template to build more balanced assessments.

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When you say.....They say.....

How often in a class do Teachers say a vocabulary word and then accept a specific choral response? Does that choral response really get to the heart of the word being taught?

Jigsaw of DOK levels

Each table will be responsible for a level and for creating a visual to summarize their level - the person with the youngest children will report out after a few minutes.
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Question Level?

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