A Way in the Wilderness

A Summer with Camp BlueSky

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Pockets and Prayers

Dear friends,

I have touched Kenyan soil! And that is proof of God's provision, your prayers, and your generosity. In a few short months, my support has reached 100%. That blows me away! A heart-felt thank you to all who have dipped into their pockets and given time in prayer for God's work at Camp BlueSky and my role in it this summer.

It’s often hard to ask for financial support for ministry. This is not because I doubt the value of the ministry, but because it can make me feel uncomfortable and vulnerable when, in my heart, I want to feel on top of it and successful for Jesus. What a beautiful paradox, that God delights to use people like you and me who, though we love our Savior, so quickly turn our eyes self-ward! Why bring this up? Because I'm thankful for how God provides, not just that he does. He does it in such a way that I am reminded of my unending need for him and for the community he has provided in the Body of Christ. Like all of my walk with Jesus, it has been a process of repenting and returning, of receiving and rejoicing. May we all continue to experience the riches of Christ through his Spirit and his people!

With full hearts, then, let's keep praying. This is only the beginning of the journey!

Pray for our counselors—many of them still have a long way to go on support raising, a couple are fighting sickness that could prevent their coming, and all of them need prayer for deepening trust and joy in the Gospel as they prepare to come.

Pray for our leadership team—that we would continually return to Scripture and prayer as we prepare for, guide, and encourage our staff and campers, and for deepening wisdom and grace as we make decisions, both small and hard.

Lastly, pray for our campers—that God will prepare their hearts to hear his Word this summer and for perseverance as they finish up this school year.

I’m here in Nairobi now with the rest of the leadership team preparing for counselors’ arrival in two weeks, jumping into meetings about schedules, meals, spiritual curriculum, and all that fun stuff. Over the summer I’ll continue to share updates and stories. Thank you again for your gifts and prayers.



You can contact me over the summer at carriemixon@gmail.com