A blossom of Possoms

The possible extinction of cute a Australian marsupial.

A small animal, in big trouble.

Australia's "Mountain Pygmy Possum" is falling victim to the upcoming problem of climate change and global warming. With the rising temperatures, the snow in Australia's mountains is starting to thin, if this were to happen, the Australian Possum, or Burramys parvus would be left without insulation for their 6 month hibernation period. This could make them wake up earlier than usual leaving them to starve without food.

What is "Global Warming"?

Global warming is the gradual permanent increase of earths atmosphere and oceans. These changes are mainly caused by the overuse of fossil fuels which release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. but certain things like deforestation, and agriculture will also produce greenhouse gases. It is predicted that by 2100 the average temperature of earth will climb 5° C. These kind of climate changes heavily affect the state of the ice caps, animals living in snowy environments, and many different creatures in the arctic (polar bears).


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