Not So Ancient Egypt

By Lily Mintz and Arin Charash

7/14/58 BC

Hatshepsut's Death

Today is the day of "Pharaoh" Hatshepsut's death. Her son, Tutmose III becomes pharaoh, and was shocked to found out he always has been pharaoh. Tutmose III now wants his stepmother's face erased from everything.

Craftspeople Needed

We are looking for craftspeople who can make pottery and jewelry for the royal family. Find us in eastern Cairo and we'll tell you what to do from there.
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The Hyksos are planning an attack for 10/18/56. Please take cover. Bring all animals to the Cairo refuge.
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New Temple

Construction workers are finishing up the new temple located just south of Cairo. Come to the revelation on February 3rd of 1456 to see them reveal the temple. There, you will get further information about the temple. See you there!
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Comic of the Day!! (COTD)

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Ancient Egyptians! Must See!

New movie about what people will think of us in the future.

Meet the Pharaoh!

Sunday, Aug. 1st 145 at 2pm to Sunday, Aug. 1st 1458 at 4pm

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo Governorate

Meet Tutmose III! This is a once in a lifetime event, and for now cost at all! Come on down!

Tired of not knowing about our history? Well now you can!!!!

3500 B.C.Early settlers in the Nile valley

3100 B.C.Hieroglyphic script developed
3100- Narmer unified Upper and Lower Egypt

2700 B.C.First stone pyramid built

2600 B.C.Pyramids of Giza built

2200 B.C.Various kings ruled Egypt

2055- Mentuhotep II gained control of entire country

Agricultural development of the Faiyum

Earliest parts of Temple of Karnak built

Egyptians control Nubia

1700 B.C.Hyksos rulers took control of Delta region

1600 B.C.Ahmose unified country

1500 B.C.Hatshepsut became pharaoh

New Economy!

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