4K Newsletter

Our Week in a Peek~ May 15- May 19, 2017

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4K Family Picnic~ We hope you can make it!

Please click on the link for your child's class to view the picnic sign up. Thank you!

Mrs. Schleicher's Classes: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/30E044DA8AA22A5FB6-4kfamily

Mrs. Koszycki's Classes: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/70a0d4caea923a57-4kfamily

Library Books~ All books are due back by May 22nd. Thank you!

Food Pouch Lids

If your family enjoys those oh so popular food pouches with the twist off lids, would you like to help us collect free craft materials and math manipulatives? There are so many fun ways to use these lids, and this teaches our children that we can reuse something instead of throwing it into the garbage! What a great lesson! We will be collecting these for the remainder of the school year. Please wash them and send them in with your child at your leisure. We will send your empty bag back with your child so you can keep collecting. :-) Thank you for your help! The children enjoy creating with these lids. :-)

Fruit Sign Up

The following links will take you to a sign up if you are interested in providing a bag of fresh fruit for the week. Mrs. Koszycki's Extra Snack Sign Up & Mrs. Schleicher's Extra Snack Sign Up This snack is available for children who forget their own snack. Any remaining fruit at the end of the week is shared with all children who would like some. The children are loving the fruit! Thank you in advance for exposing our children to healthy snack options.

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Themes: Eric Carle & Ocean

  • We listened to Eric Carle read The Very Hungry Caterpillar, we made a caterpillar headband, and a caterpillar with our name.
  • read stories about fish, cut out a fishbowl, colored fish, cut them out, and glued them onto the fishbowl
  • practiced neatly coloring a variety of ocean creatures


  • continued the pattern on our calendar
  • counted to 100 by 1's and 10's
  • counted back from 20 to 0
  • counting down to the last day of school

Handwriting Without Tears

  • practiced writing the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7 in our handwriting workbook

Jolly Phonics

  • Please check out this Jolly Phonics Youtube video to hear the songs we have learned. We have learned all basic letter sounds and the /th/, /sh/, and /ch/ blends. There are extra sounds included in the Youtube video which we will not be teaching in 4K.


Motor Moms and Dads

The Motor Moms and Dads Program helps young children ages 3-7 gain the motor skills necessary for academic success. This program allows all children to improve basic skills in two or three 5-minute sessions per week. This week children walked across the balance beam walking heal to toe while balancing a bean bag on each open hand, crawled through a tunnel, used a Sit n' Spin to turn clockwise and counter clockwise, log rolled down a mat with arms above head, and balanced on a balance board while using both hands individually to pick up and toss bean bags into a milk crate. Thank you parent volunteers! We couldn't do this without you!

Skills Targeted Throughout this Program: static balance, hopping, coordination, counting, body control, following directions, position in space, working in small groups, eye tracking, catching and throwing, depth perception, vestibular stimulation, laterality, and self-confidence

Upcoming Dates

May 30~ Glacier Rock Farms Field Trip

June 6~ 4K Family Picnic- check out links at top of this newsletter for details

June 7~ Last Day of 4K

Please read Park Lawn's Panther Press, emailed out on Thursday by Mrs. Soderstrom, to stay informed of other important school-wide dates.

Self Help Skills~ Activities to practice with your child:

  • learning to cough and sneeze into our elbow to help decrease the spread of germs
  • washing our hands after using a tissue to blow our nose
  • practicing putting on/taking off jackets & zipping them up on their own
  • placing mittens/hat/scarf in backpack or jacket sleeve before hanging it up in cubby
  • practicing writing child’s name by beginning with an uppercase letter, followed by lowercase letters i.e. (Lily)


  • Please practice the Alphabet Chant with your child.
  • Please write your child’s name on his/her outdoor clothing so it is easy to return if it makes it to Lost & Found.
  • Send your child’s folder each day.
  • Return your child’s library book on Mondays so your child can choose a new book.
  • Please check out the Park Lawn PTO Pinterest page for some healthy and fun snack and party ideas. https://www.pinterest.com/lawn3482/
  • Milk is 50 cents per day & will be charged to your Family Access Account if your child has milk at snack. If you DO NOT want your child having milk from school, let your child's teacher know. Thank you.
  • If you arrive late to pick up your child, check outside first. If you don’t see us, your child should be waiting in the office.

Birthdays- Thank you for the many healthy and non-food birthday treats that have come in so far. We greatly appreciate your help in encouraging healthy eating!

Four year olds love to celebrate birthdays! If you want to send something special to school on your child’s birthday, here are some healthy and fun ideas we will welcome in our classroom.

1) Nutritious, peanut/tree nut free treat (food labels need to be provided to verify that food items were NOT produced in a facility that processes nuts) OR

2) Non-food treat (party favor) OR

3) Purchase a book for our class that will promote healthy eating and/or being active. Please ask me for our book wish list. Your child’s name will be placed on the inside of the front cover and we will read it when your child delivers it.

Contact Us

Mrs. Schleicher


(262)560-8200 ext. 8293

Mrs. Koszycki


(262)560-8200 ext. 8253