Canvas: Annotating PDFs

Anderson Digital Integration

Why would I want to do this?


Occasionally you have a paper copy of something, you still want to complete; however, you would like students to do it digitally instead of on paper.

SAMR Level-Substitution

How do I get started?

1. Open Canvas.

2. Choose the module you want to create your assignment in.

3. Click on the + on the right side of the page on the same line as the title of your module.

4. Click on New Assignment.

5. Type the name of your assignment.

6. Click Add Item.

7. Click on the name of your new assignment.

8. Click on Edit.

9. On the right side of the page, click on File.

10. Click on Upload a New File.

11. Click on Choose File.

12. Click on your pdf and click Open.

13. Click on Upload.

14. Scroll down and fill in the points you want to assign to the assignment.

15. Click on the drop down next to Submission Type and choose Online.

16. Click the box next to File Uploads.

17. Assign a due date.

18. Click Save and Publish.

How do students use the PDF?

First Time Only

1. Go to the Chrome Web Store.

2. In the search bar, type Kami.

3. Add the Kami extension by clicking on Add to Chrome.

  • Make sure it is the extension and not the app.

4. Click sign in with Google.

5. Select that you are a Student, if it asks.

General Process

1. In Canvas, go to the course and module the assignment is in.

2. Click on the assignment.

3. Once in the assignment, click on the link to the pdf.

4. Open the downloads folder.

5. If it asks, click on the link and give the full access to Kami.

6. Click on Sync. If it asks, click on Authorize Google Drive.

7. Return to the Canvas assignment, click on Submit.

8. Click on Choose File.

9. Find and click on your assignment. It will be titled Kami Export plus the original pdf name.

10. Click Open.

11. Click Submit Assignment.