Moving Like a Boss..

About the Steamboats.

History About Steamboats:

Before trains, Trucks, Cars, Airplanes ever existed, rivers were the way to travel. The steamboats carried people and goods from one place to another. It was slow to travel on a steamboat because the speed depended on the river current and manpower. The danger of the steamboats were explosions, sinkings, Indian attacks, and daring steamboats races.


~Expansion of the growing fur and lead industries.

~Inexpensive means to move goods

~Upstream navigational ability

~More steadfast storms

~Faster travel of goods and passengers


~Cost a lot to maintain

~Poorly built

~Shady boat operators


The inventor was Robert Fulton, he was also a painter and an engineer.He built the steamboat in August, 1807. Robert Fulton was born in November 14, 1765 Died in February 24, 1815. When he was 10 years old he promised to be an Artist. At age 17 he went to Philadelphia, the cultural center of the Atlantic seaboard, and spent 4 years making portraits and doing miniatures.

How did it impact North Dakota? :

Steamboats are most often thought to have existed solely on the Mississippi and the Missouri rivers.

Importance to setting the west :

The importance of the steamboat was to get goods and passengers where they needed to go.

Mickey Mouse: Steamboat Willie (1928)