All about Mars!

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Here you will learn about some of the basics!

Mars is 141,600,000 miles from the sun, which is 227,900,000km from the sun, it is also the fourth planet in order from the sun. Mars' atmosphere is mostly made of Carbon dioxide which is 95%, and Nitrogen which is 2.7%, Argon which is 1.6%, oxygen .13%, And lastly water which is barely 0.03%. The hottest day on Mars is 41 degrees Celsius, which is about 106 degrees fahrenheit. On an average day it is about 70 degrees fahrenheit, and by night it can get down to minus 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It never rains on Mars because of the thin atmosphere and the lack of a magnetosphere. Nice short sleeve weather and comfortable clothes are good for doing activity on Mars. In the next section you can find exactly what some of the activities you can do on Mars are.

Mars has a striking red appearance, and in its most favorable position for viewing, when it is opposite the sun, it is twice as bright as Sirius, the brightest star. Mars has a diameter of 4,200 miles, just over half the diameter of the earth, and its mass is only 11% of the earth's mass. A year on mars lasts 1.88 earth years, and about 687 earth days. That is also how long it takes to revolve around the sun. A day on mars (which is also how long it takes to rotate on its axis) is one earth day and 40 earth minutes. Mars has two moons, one named Phobos, and the other named Diomos. The gravity on Mars is much less than it is on earth. It is 62% less then it is here on earth. Like a person weighing 220 pounds on earth would weigh 84 on Mars.

~Good to know facts~

On Mars there is many three seasons hotels(because there are only 3 seasons), and Omni hotels for cheaper than on earth! There are high class house, and there are no bills to pay, since you have to pay so much when you decide you want to live there! In the month of march everyone gets free fuel to power their space cars in honor of the fact that the month of March is named after Mars. Mars has 12 months like us, but each month is way longer. Mars has remarkable amazing tourist attraction landforms including these include the largest volcanic mountain in the solar system, Olympus Mons (27 km high and 600 km across). Another huge thing on Mars is the big red dot you can see on Mars, it is a huge hurricane with winds at 670 km per hour, it is about the size of Texas! On the exciting planet of Mars, there are plenty of different activities you can do by yourself or with your family that will keep you busy all day long. You can start off your day with an excellent in-depth scavenger hunt for Martians to figure out if there is really life on Mars. This will also help NASA if there is any discoveries. Admission fee is 10 Mars clockers (which is the equivalent to 15 US dollars . After that, at around lunchtime, you and the family can have a delicious picnic while watching Mars’ beautiful seasonal color variations. Then, for some real excitement, you can bungee jump into Olympus Mons, the largest volcano in the Galaxy. Next, you can bring the whole family to one of Mars’ impact craters where you can enjoy some fabulous cuisine at one of many delicious "crater café’s". Finally, you can end your eventful day with a fun and relaxing ice skating session on Mars’ polar caps. If you were driving 60 mph in a car, it would take 271 years and 221 days to get to Mars from Earth.

~About the picture above~

The only dangerous factor on Mars the planet, are the strong winds that could blow you or a loved one far,far away . However we have taken necessary notices by giving all of our guest special clothing that will weigh your bodies down to the ground, keeping you safe while still feeling as light as you really are. The equipment you see above provides oxygen, and on the suit there is a light weight tank and in there is air that provides for you. Instead of gas stations there are air stations that provide air to fill the tank up. The shoes you would where would be shoes that could either be fun jumpy shoes or gravity shoes that pull you to the ground but don't make you feel heavy. Also if there is bad weather on Mars there is a lockdown box, which every person is given when they travel to Mars. What the lockdown box is , is a small box that every one carries around, and how to use it is press this small button and then set it down below you. It then forms into a strong sturdy box, that forms around you and sticks to the ground until you wish to take it down. You would also need a ice defroster that also filters water. You need that because the only form of water on Mars is frozen, and probably not that clean. You Should bring along with you a HUGE supply of food, considering the fact that it would take 3/4's of an earth year to get there(going at the pace out space traveler accelerates at. There is a big bubble around the persons head so the air will keep inside the suit, so that the person is able to breath. On Mars we made a store which is even bigger than a Walmart, and what it does is provides every single item related to space, that you would need. In the picture you can see one of our first missioners ready to go up to Mars, she is already on the sign up list, and is very exited to go!

About the trip!

To get to Mars are transportation is going to be an option between either a big transportation that fits about 90 people and we currently have three of these, or a rental family shuttle that fits either one large family or two small families and we currently have 9 of these. Pictures are below. If you get a rental family shuttle you also have to pay for a pilot. Mars is 233 million miles away! At its closest Mars is about 45,000,000 miles away! If we could drive a car along a highway to Mars at 65 miles per hour, it would take 79 YEARS! The space shuttle travels at a speed of about 260 miles per MINUTE. Even so the shuttle would take 120 days to get there. In reality, we can't go straight to Mars. We take a curved path, and it would take roughly six months. So that would be a very long trip!!

above is the big shuttle for about 90 people!

The picture above is the rental family vehicle!

Extra info!

Mars Fact #1: If you jumped on Mars, you would jump a lot higher than on Earth.

Mars Fact #2: Mars travels around the sun in about 687 Earth days.

Mars Fact #3: Mars consists of mostly rock.

Mars Fact #4: Mars was named by the Romans.

Mars Fact #5: Mars has two moons.

Mars Fact #6: Mars is about half the diameter of earth.

Mars Fact #7: The maximum temperature on Mars is about 23 degrees.

Mars Fact #8: Mars has volcanoes.

Mars Fact #9: Mars has polar ice caps.

Mars Fact #10: Scientists are experimenting with biospheres on Earth, as practice for possibly living on Mars one day.


Thank you for reading the future for Mars that will someday be!!!