Francisco Pizzarro

By:Vanessa Arredondo

Fransisco Pizarro's Date of birth/death,Career,Nationality,Homeland

Fransisco Pizarro was born on 1476 in Trujillo, Spain and was assassinated on June 26, 1541 in Lima, Peru.He was a Spanish explorer that had accompanied Spanish explorer Alonzo de Ojeda on a voyage to Urabá, Colombia.Fransisco's nationality was Spanish and his homeland was Trujillo, Cáceres, Spain.

Sailing for/Finances

Fransisco Pizarro sailed for the 1513 expedition of Vasco Nunez De Balboa. Pedrarias had already traded his share of the Pizarro company to help finance his expedition into Nicaragua.

Circumstances of Death

Fransisco Pizarro was assassinated by his own people.He got a stab wound when he came back from sailing.After that had happened he had died really quickly.


Fransisco Pizarro achieved about 10 travels around the world.He also showed how to be a role model for other soldiers in training.He was a leader which meant he asked for volunteers to sail with him around the world.
Francisco Pizarro

2-3 Paragrah Essay Answering the Essential Question

Fransisco Pizarro was a very adventurous person.He had mad many voyages from the years 1470 to 1541.In that time that he lived he had a family with a woman. Not only was he an explorer but he was also a very good bargainer. He always tried to get volunteers to sail with him.

Fransisco Pizarro was also a very good soldier.He set an example for all of those other soldiers in training.He showed people how to fight and make trade between different countries.Yet, Fransisco didn't realize that he had turned into an unfair man.
People had now seen a man who wasn't messing around but was a true soldier.

Fransisco Pizarro was a brave man.Not only did he seem to be a family guy but he was also brave enough to say kill me but don't kill my family.After being wounded it was like the whole world had stopped and he didn't know what had happened with his family.They were probably all dead at this point but not all had been killed.This is where his whole life ended not knowing what had happened to his other life on land.