Secret to Using Nuclear Fission

A discovery is made on January 5th 2007

Our Lab

Our lab is called "discovering nuclear fusion". We made are discovery in our lab that is in the Charlotte North Carolina. Our discovery is nuclear fussion

Nuclear Fusion vs. Nuclear Fission

Both of these release energy.

Fission is the splitting of a atom.

Fusion is the fusion of two or more atoms together.

Fusion happens in the stars for example the sun.

Fission produces a lot of radioactive particles.

Fusion produces little radioactive particles.

Nuclear fission takes little energy to split two atoms.

Fusion takes a lot of energy to bring two protons together.


It can be used for bombs which are used in war.

It also creates a waste product that we do not dispose of properly.

It is also very hard to maintain and keep under control.

My imact

I would impact energy rates positively by providing clean energy that does not harm the environment in any way. Conventional energy rates would spark because the cost of energy would go down and the consumers would know that the energy is clean which will make them want to buy it. It will also make the amount of energy we use just about endless because of how much people will want it.