Science vehical data

By Sophia Sanon

My vehical

Starting off with my vehicle it had a cardboard bottom it was not that big or long it was 6 inches wide and straws as the axles and as the wheels we used life savers then we cut and shaped the car as a a cars would and then we made a arch with the paper and put straw inside the paper to keep it up and not for the paper to flop over so we slid the straws in the front and the back to keep a arch going we used this tape that was really light so it would not weigh down but have less weight and go farther and we put tape on the wheels so they would not get sticky we did not add flare so it would not add too much weight

Things that went right

allot of things went right we did not have weight issues because the tape was so light and the vieical all together was so light it glided it might have not glided enough to win the roller derby but it sure did go far for a regular puff mobile derby everything we needed material wise was there and the wheels did not stick to the ground everything went right but we could have gotten rid of more weight to make our car go further

Materials used






6 life savers

7.painters tape

what materials worked well?

the straw kept the paper in a arch and it was not to heavy so it did not add weight to the vehicle, and kept the vehicle upright so it did not fall apart when we blowed. And the cardboard was not to heavy and it did not weigh down a vehicle. For the paper if it weren't for this material the vehicle would have never moved no matter how hard we blew, so that had a big part. Something else that had a big part was the life savers but if they were mints they probably would have gone farther and we would have not have to put tape on the wheel for them to go farther.

Some strategies are

just like said allot is less mass the farther it goes which i think we put into place every time we used our materials

My results

On the race day my speed 13ms my old score was 0.07ms so i can say that my speed increased and something i realized is that on the challenge trials the speed was mostly constant but on race day they were curves in the the line graph

If i made a another puff mobile derby it would be....

I would totally try a diffrent approach i will use just a flat piece of paper and use one straw to keep it up as i blow , i would have mints on my wheel so i would not have to worry about the wheels sticking to the floor and i would probably not use too many straws i might have to have a bigger piece of cardboard but i don't think it will weigh my vehicle down regular teacher tape it might not be so strong so i probably will replace it with painters tape.

My prediction

My prediction to start with was with less mass then the car would move farther.

And yes my prediction was supported me and Nadia made sure that our vehicle as a whole would be light we made sure that we did not use material that we did not need to use and we did not add flare and it did go farther when we blew from the top.


we did not win the roller derby race but my vehical did go pretty far and did not break apart it stayed together and our prediction was not refuted and all the materials we used worked great for our vehical.