Isaac Oliver

Renaissance Man by Julienne Mumpini


  • Isaac Oliver was born in 1560 in Rouen, France. He lived with his family of six siblings in France until he was about eight years old. He was taken to live in London.
  • He spent most of his time in London and he considered himself still in a French nationality, even though he had been raised and lived most of his life in England.
  • Oliver was taught techniques of brush strokes and highlighting paintings by his mentor Nicholas Hillard
  • He was married twice with only three children. A son named Peter Oliver who continued his father's art styles and two daughters named Sara Gheeraerts and Elizabeth Harden. Isaac died on October 2, 1617 and was buried at St. Anne, Blackfriars.
  • Isaac Oliver created paintings of the shoulder and up portraits called miniatures. He made miniatures of many upper-class people. Some of which were Queen Anne, Queen Victoria, 3rd Earl of Dorset, France Howard Contess, and Lucy Harington.
  • Oliver's patrons were Prince Henry in 1609 and then Prince Charles in 1612 after Henry had passed away.

3rd Earl of Dorset

  • This piece was created in 1616.
  • This painting can be found in the British Galleries museum.
  • It is a large scale painting of Richard Sackville in proper dressy ensemble with the company of an armor suit on his side. It is completely made from watercolor. And it is unlike his round-head portraits for it is full length and is brightly colored.
  • This piece is interesting to me because it is a range of contemporary art, to ancient Greek and Roman artwork style.
  • This piece is so significant because it is large, but considered a miniature because it is painted in watercolors on animal fur. Also because it is considered a cabinet miniature because it was the perfect size for hanging on large cabinets in homes. Lastly it is significant because it uses the three most important blue pigments
  • The "ism" that it is most likely linked to this picture is individualism because it rejoices the person as himself in all his riches.


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