Trail Signs

Jan. 2016

Territorial Director's Greeting

Mother Nature definitely blessed us with some beautiful weather at our Fall Campouts. Even though we were not able to have fires at all of them, the conditions were perfect for our time out in nature with our kids. It was also great seeing some new wrinkles brought in to the campouts. Keep those ideas coming.

As wonderful as Mother Nature was for our campouts, she took her revenge on us at Haunted Trail. I know there were a lot of new ideas and scenes that were all set for this year. Keep those decorations and thoughts and it will make next year even better.

As many of you know, the theme of our program will be changing. Don Proctor and his committee have been working hard to finalize what our theme will be. I can tell you that the next time you hear from me, we will know our new direction. I am truly excited to hear what Don’s committee, and all people of this program, have come up with for us.

I look forward to seeing each of you at Community Day and Turkey Shoot.

Fall Campout 2015