samuel smith

case study


On January 21, 1958, Dorothy Waterstreet was robbed and beaten to death near Smith's neighborhood in Amsterdam, New York. Evidence pointed towards the 16-year-old Smith, but the case fell apart when the district attorney was too hasty in trying to extract a confession , and Smith was not arrested. During the following summer, while under continuing pressure from Amsterdam police, Smith relocated to baltimore maryland, where he kidnapped a 25-year-old woman and beat her nearly to death. This time, a witness interrupted the crime and Smith left a living victim. He was quickly arrested, and on April 12, 1959, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for assault.

Crime scene

Nearly beat a 25 year old women to death but ,but a witness interrupted the crime and smith left leaving a living victim.

also after he was released from prison he beat two people to death and human feces was found near the crime , hair and blood made smith the lead suspect

Evidence , defense and prosecution

the defense claims he did not do the crimes, that he had a multi personalty disorder and that his brother who died and a infant was controlling him .


After several crimes and sentences to prison he got 25 to life and unsecsefully tried to commit suicide

He is still alive , in jail

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