The News That Didn't Make The News

Majority Against Censorship

Censorship is the banning, deleting of information that a government or regulatory body deems unfit for the public.

It is considered good if it used for censoring explicit contents in the media, internet, movies, books, etc. that focuses on young audiences. There is a need for censorship when it comes to certain things, and should be used when necessary. For example, adult magazines should not be allowed in a book store near the children book section. Those types of things should be kept behind the counter, or removed completely, only to be sold in a place that caters to the type of people who want that sort of thing. I think that this responsibility should be passed on to the parents as they are responsible for their own children. Everyone has different standards of what's right and wrong, so it should be up to the individual to decide what they want to hear or view.

There is a big majority of people, including myself, who are against censorship as it deprives free speech, beliefs and our ability to express them, as long as were not breaking any laws. I think that it is not right to censor ideas or even answers to delicate matters/questions. All knowledge should be accessible to those who require it, even if someone dislikes the answer, does not make it false. What's offensive to one person isn't offensive to all, though for whatever actions we take, we are responsible for ourselves.