Should People be Aloud to Hunt

Is it really necessary?


Hunting has gone way back since the Stone Age and it has developed to guns and bows instead of rock bow and arrows.

Opposing view popints

Many people think it is unethical to hunt animals for enjoyment or even for food.

Thesis Staement

On the other hand people think it's ok to hunt for food and for the enjoyment.
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Hunting For Food is Survival For Some People

  • People hunt animals for food because they don't have enough money to buy meat.
  • Some people store there food that they hunted just in case if something major happens.
  • Over 10 million people hunt to survive.
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You can get a love for nature

  • You would get a love for nature by going out to the woods more often to hunt.
  • When you hunt you could connect with the animals by seeing the life of nature.
  • You'll be able to go out and try new things when you get a love for nature.
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Hunting teaches you

  • Hunting teaches you patience because you have to wait till something happens.
  • If you hunt it's good exercise because if you get something you have to run out and get it.
  • When you hunt you can get a love for nature.
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