Child psychologist

Jada Hughes

What they do?

Child psychologists work exclusively with children and adolescents to diagnose and help resolve issues causing emotional or behavioral problems. They study the mental, social and emotional development of children.


They work in their own practice is they are a private psychologist. if they work in a school it would be in an office.

How do you become one?

Research it if you want to major in it in college. Focus on studying it in college. Take the exam for it in college. You either need a masters degree or a p.h. D. Apply for a state license once you graduate. Complete 2 years working with kids and adolescents. Find a job in child psychology


over $64,000 a year,with salaries ranging from a low of $37,900 to a high of almost $150,000.

Job outlook

It is increasing and will have 12% increase by 2022

Similar jobs

Same job duties, education, job growth and income. Clinical psychologist.