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The CCN Homestay Newsletter, Issue I, Volume I

Here's What's Cookin'...

Welcome to the first edition of our newsletter! It is our goal to provide useful information to help guide you through the school year. In this issue, we will be covering food related topics. We will tackle school lunches, help make the asian market less intimidating, and will even share a recipe that was taste tested by one of our CCN Michigan families. So pull up a seat to the table, read and enjoy!

School Lunches

In the beginning of the school year, we always get many inquiries about school lunches. Your host family agreement states that you are to provide 3 meals per day, HOWEVER...this is for the weekends and on school breaks only. Your student is responsible for his/her own lunch during the school day.

Many kids like to purchase their lunch at school. If your student does not want to do this, let them know that they are able to accompany you to the grocery store to shop for something that they might like to pack. Shopping for food is a great experience for them. This will prepare them for life in college and beyond. This is an opportunity to teach them how to look at expiration dates and even how to read a nutrition label. Remember, your student may not have ever packed a lunch before, so it is important that they understand that they will need to keep certain foods cold with an ice pack.

Recipe of the Month: Chinese Egg Foo Yung

This recipe was taste tested by Lyn Weber and her Shine student Bella Wang.

Click HERE for details!

From Our Korean Test Kitchen...

Ever feel overwhelmed at the Asian Market? Shopping there is always an adventure, but it is often hard to know what to buy. Your prayers have been answered! In this section, we will feature food that has English cooking directions, few ingredients and is easy to prepare.
This month's food to try is Yubuchopbap, which is tofu pockets stuffed with seasoned rice. This is a typical meal that parents pack for their kids school lunch in Korea. It also makes a nice presentation if your student would like to bring something to a family potluck. In the kit are little tofu pouches and two seasoning packets. Simply add the seasoning to prepared white rice, stuff it in the pockets and you are done! You can even add leftover meat and veggies. A great way to use up those leftovers. This kit was purchased at H-Mart in Troy and was submitted by Kim Adragna and her Bishop Foley student Audrey Kang.


CCN Family Fun Day!

Sunday, October 26, 2014 4-8pm

Don't miss this opportunity to meet your extended CCN Michigan Family!

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Jessie, Anne, Kim, Janet

Host Families Needed!

We are always looking for potential host families. If you know of anyone that may be interested, please have them contact us! We have students in many of the parochial schools in Oakland and Macomb counties.

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