"Flowers for Algernon"


Charlie Gordon is a mentally disabled thirty-two-year-old man about to undergo a major elective surgery to improve his intelligence. We're basically reading his diary as he undergoes the whole process. Charlie doesn't have a whole lot of people rooting for him, but he does have an awesome teacher who wants him to succeed. That'd be Alice Kinnian, who puts Charlie up for the surgery in the first place.

Anyway, Charlie keeps busy in the days leading up to the surgery by working as a delivery boy at Donner's Bakery. The crew at Donner's Bakery is generally a rotten bunch, taunting Charlie and making life more difficult for the poor guy. Charlie believes that his nasty coworkers are his best friends, which just makes the situation more heartbreaking. " I got an A on my history test. I knew all the answers. Mrs.Baffin said it was the best paper in the class. Pg 115

Character analysis

Charlie is a nice, exciting, and troubled man. He is trying very hard to become smart everyday and his teacher Ms.Kinnian helps though it. Charlie is Mentally ill and he is getting all the help he can everyday of his life. Then after a little bit he went to the nurse and they offered to give him a surgery that will make him become smart. " what I mean is, we have no right to put this on a personal level...emotional level. You have much to do." pg 81


The conflict that Charlie is going through is character vs self because, Charlie has a mental disorder and he hates on his self for him for it and try's really hard in school and trying to get smart.


Don't ever stop trying in life and pay close attention and try super hard so it can lay off in the future

Textual Evidence

The most powerful part in the book is when the surgery on charlie is a success and he starts learning all the things he tried to learn before the surgery and it was amazing. My favorite quote from the book is " If your smart you can have lots of friends to talk to and never get lonely by yourself all the time" pg 11

Book review

I give this book 5 stars because it inspiring and helps people get through stuff and teach's the ill to learn and try so so hard in school. It makes people learn that even if your having trouble in school or in life, there's always another way. With every condition you get, there's always a way to get rid of it.


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