Democratic- Republicans

By:Shalaya Reid


We want to have representations like the rich people got and we to be noticed.

Who were the National Leaders of the Party?

Thomas Jefferson and James Madison

Assuming the states debt

The Democratic-Republicans support the state debts as long the Federalists agree to move the nation's capital to the banks of the Potomac River in the South.

Creation of the National Bank

The Democratic- Republicans argued that the Constitution should be interpreted strictly. They had Controversy over it.

French Revolution

The Democratic- Republicans supported the popular forces in the French Revolution and favored American assistance.

Power of the National Government

They sought to limit the role of the national government, favoring local control.

Alien and Sedition Acts

They had opposed, along the enlarged army, as a threat to the citizen's individual rights.

War with Britain in 1812

They had declared war on Britain because the British were attacking their ships.