Nitrogen Atom

Atomic Model Project Dillyn Tucker 4 period

Atomic structure

protons = 7 protons = Blue

neutrons = 7 neutrons = white

electrons = 7 electrons = red
The electrons are 2 in the first shell and 5 in the second shell.

The goal for the outer most shell is to bring in more electrons to stabilize the atom so for nitrogen it would need to bring in three more electrons.

Fun Facts

Nitrogen was discovered 1772 by Daniel Rutherford.

It's natural form is gas.

78% of the Earth's atmosphere is made up of Nitrogen.

Nitrogen is used to freeze off warts and moles.

Is an important part of Amino Acid.

Nitrogen is used in the processes to make steel.

Nitrogen is in something called ammonia.

Plants need nitrogen to grow.

Scientists use cold nitrogen to keep things frozen.


M - A = N________ A = P = E_______ P + N = M

14-7=7___________ 7=7=7_________ 7+7=14