How do I help my kindergartner?

Quick and Easy Tips

"Every Letter Makes a Sound"

Work with your student on their letter sounds using this video from The Letter Factory. Let your student teach you the motions to each letter.
Letter Factory Alphabet Sounds Song | LeapFrog


Each week make it a priority to read your student's class newsletter. This will keep you up to date. All newsletters are located on the school website for quick and easy access.

Your student will bring home a communication binder daily. Please review all information that is sent home.

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Count the Number of Sounds in Words

Only have a few minutes? Tell your student a word and ask how many sounds he or she hears in the word. For example, cap. /c/ /a/ /p/. I hear three sounds in the word cap.
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I Spy

Help your student look for words in books he or she knows.
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