Humans, but no Humanity

??Electronic Waste??

Anything any person throughs away that contains a circuit board.

Ways to Deal with Electronic Waste (Positively)


When a part of the company is no longer in need of the computer and is upgrading, then they should pass down the old one to a part of the company who doesn't use computers as much.


Companies should sell hardware they find of no value anymore. It was obviously good for them at one point, so it should be good for someone if they sell it.

#3 Donate!! Donate!! Donate!!

Give to charitable organizations (Ex. Goodwill). Give to someone you know will find the equipment useful. Pass it down to your kids. Give it to somewhere it will be useful.
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#4 Cannibalizing

Take the useful parts of the computer before throwing them away. They could be useful later, maybe not for you but someone will find them useful.