Factory System

By:Alex Ramos and Andrea Arce

Who was involved?

Capitalists, or people who hired and paid workers in order to make a profit, and workers who were hired by the capitalists and earned a daily or weekly wage by working a set number of hours each day that did not differ from day to day typicallly.

What did the topic do?

This system brought workers and machinery together in one work place to produce goods to sell

Which part of the nation did it mostly impact?

The north was mostly impacted by this since their soil and geography was not ideal for agriculture in anyway. So they decided the next logical step was industralization. Industralization led to the growth of trade , business, and cities.

When was this used?


Why was the factory system important?

It encouraged people to make inventions that could produce goods faster and in larger supply.

How did this topic change american life in the 1800's

The factory system changed the world from a society of farmers to a society dominated by manufacturers. As the factory system grew so did the nation's cities.

What did a factory system look like?

Factories in the Late 1800's