November News & Recognition

Team BeHOOTiful

Time of Giving Thanks and Gift Giving!

What a crazy month October was! I hope you and your families are now officially settled into the fall season. November brings colder weather, more time to spend with families and to start thinking of all those gifts that will be given out next month.

As you all should be aware, a new back office has been rolled out over the past couple days. Please familiarize yourself with it by watching the quick 2-5 minute webinars that can be found in the back office. From what I have seen, the new program looks super easy but as we all know, anything new comes with hiccups. If you are having any frustrations, please take it to your mentor or me rather than the facebook page. If you have a question for the team, please post it, but no post should be venting only. If you need to vent, I will gladly listen to any and all frustrations! :-)

If you have not checked out the google drive recently, do so! There's an entire folder that explains to you how you can use a website called pic monkey to advertise your business with personalized pictures, as seen below. We talked about this at the last meeting, but since there are 14 states represented in BeHOOTiful, not all of you can attend, and I wanted to make sure every designer on the team has the same access to info, whether near or far!

I hope each and everyone of you are finding success in your O2 business. Please feel free to reach out if you need any help or have any questions!


BeHOOTiful Recognition!

Ladder Climbing- keep those wings moving up!

Promotions are a fun way to celebrate well deserved recognition!

Leading Designer- Min of 1 active designer with a PV of $250 and a CTV of $500

Gina Sanford

If I missed anyone, please don't be shy! You deserve a huge shout out!!

September Recognition

The sales this month were amazing! I am so incredibly proud of you all!!

Individual Top in Sales
-Donna O'Connor $3169.11 pv-WOW!!!!

Top Team in Sales-Kyna Lunglhofer $7547.78 total ctv

Designers with over $1000 in Personal Volume

Jenna Robinson $3161.11 pv

Kyna Lunglhofer $2647.71 pv

Meghan Shaffer $2032.10 pv

Stephanie Blanchette $1008.32

Designers with over $500 in Personal Volume

Gina Sanford $905.20 pv

Desiree Toler $860.24 pv

Melissa Shaffer $701.50 pv

Heather Snyder $689.04 pv

Kristie Orloff $663.10 pv

Brittany Anderson $ 602.40 pv

Kimmy Ngo $599.10 pv

Nancy Holt $583.50 pv

Lisa Cantrell $570.81

Jodie Fitzwater $528.50

An additional 14 designers had pv's ranging from $99-$499!!!

October Incentive Winner!!

HIghest PV goes to Donna O'Connor! Look for a little something next week in the mail!!

November Incentive!!

EVERY designer who PROMOTES will receive a little something from me!

November Meeting

Monday, Nov. 18th, 7pm

11788 Clarks Mountain Rd

Bristow, VA

Team Lineage & My Contact Info

Team Lineage:

Heidi Russell- direct to corporate

Leslie Rhodes

Lisa Vining

Kristen Tuttle

Amy Homan