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April 26, 2021

Principal's Message

Dear Edison Families,

While the idea and feeling this week of Back to School is a familiar one, the calendar reminds us it is in fact April, and the journey to get back to full in person learning is something altogether different. I am grateful to everyone who found ways to recognize those special “Back to School” moments this past week. The sounds of little and some not so little feet (middle schoolers sure do stretch out quickly) in our hallways and classrooms was amazing. We yearn for a return to some sense of normalcy, it is so important that our students know in their hearts that we are by their side to recognize and celebrate each step on our way back to something familiar on campus.

I want to thank our dedicated teachers and staff for all their hard work in preparing for this past week and for their commitment to strengthening student connections, creating engaging online and in person lessons, and providing that unique support that is paramount for our students and families at this time. I want to also extend my appreciation to our students and families for their continued support as we navigate the ever changing nature of this school year. I understand how much routines and schedules have been adjusted to make this transition to a blended learning model possible. Our new loading zones seemed to flow very smoothly for families and added a bit of convenience for many. In our final weeks this year, refining those new routines and structures will be important in ensuring we finish the year #EdisonStrong.

One routine that is especially important again in this blended model is getting to school safely. So while there are a number of things you can do to start the discussion with children I am asking that all our families start by setting aside just 2.5 minutes each day. Why 2.5 minutes? Because that’s approximately how long it will take, I actually timed it myself, for a pedestrian to walk over to our crosswalk instead of crossing in the middle of Sultana or 6th street. That’s a pretty good investment of time when you consider that, according to the National High Traffic Safety Administration, crossing someplace other than an intersection accounts for more than 70% of child pedestrian deaths in the United States.

If you’d like a few more tips and resources to help start the discussion with your child check out this infographic. Thank you for committing to take just 2.5 minutes each day to use the crosswalk with your children and joining our #EdisonNation in being a good role model for all of our kids here.


Mr. Lopez

Welcome Back to Blended

Bobcats of the Week

As a way of recognizing and spotlighting some of the exceptional learning and experiences that are occurring at Edison, each week we will recognize students for their perseverance, achievement and work ethic during online learning.
BOTW 04.19.21

Face Coverings for Adults: What to Expect When Arriving at School

Pedestrians may escort children up to the school sidewalk and then allow students to walk to their own entry gate on their own. TK-1 students may have one adult escort them to their entry gate. All adults must wear a face covering if escorting children to a screening entry gate.

I wear a mask because - English (1:43)

Technology HelpDesk HotLine 909-687-1036

HelpDesk is ready to assist students, and families with device support if needed. Please call 909-687-1036 for technology assistance. You can also visit the Parent Portal for additional technology resources

Students Presenting Symptoms at Home

Parents are asked to screen their child for COVID-19 symptoms each morning before they send them to school using our Daily Checklist for Families. This shared responsibility is critical to our ability to keep our schools open for blended learning, we ask that all parents keep their students at home if they are sick.

Please report your student’s illness with details of all symptoms to our health office at 909-984-5618. Our Health Office will follow up on all students that are at home with COVID-19 symptoms.

Student Access to Learning While at Home

It is important to note that a student who is sent home, stays home, or has been exposed to COVID-19 and is at home in quarantine, will be able to access classroom instruction online from home if they are healthy enough to participate.

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