Read to learn, and love reading!

Find the genre that you love!

Pizza Hut reading program

Everyone loves pizza, so please aid your child to read more at home with the Book-It program. Please check your child's Tuesday folder next week for more information.

What does your child actually like to read?

I realize some kids don't love reading, but we HAVE to find topics they are interested in to hook them into loving to read. I cannot do this alone at school! Please plug into your child's interests and find out what they love to learn about. If you don't have the resources at home, PLEASE let me know and if the library doesn't have the books, I will make sure I have them in our classroom. ALL 5th graders should be striving to be sticking to a chapter book- fiction or non-fiction at all times. Feel free to email me or call with any insights to plug your child into reading. I really want to know! I love to read, and I want my students to feel the same way. Thanks!