Electronic Devices

By Jennae Hubbard

Cell Phones

Cell phones are so important to some people not just because they love getting a text, or taking pictures of themselves. They are able to help with your job because sometimes you have your e-mail connected through your phone. Or if you need reminders. There are so many different types of cell phones. A major one which has basically taken over all types of phones is the smart phone. Basically every phone out there is a smart phone. Which does more than you need or use.


Basically nobody uses the home computer anymore they only use laptops because people are always on the go or because they are so light and be carried anywhere. Laptops are like home computers but they are now more popular because of all the things that they have added to make it more appealing. They now have them where they are touch screen, are able to hold more files than a home computer.


Television is one of the top 10 electronic devices says The Top Ten. Some people don't like to use or watch TV. But televisions these days are capable of doing more than just showing you your favorite shows. There is one TV that is very popular which is the SMART TV. There are TV's that are connected to the internet, are in 3D, and have way better resolution.

Say Cheese!

Camera's there are so many different types of cameras now. There are also so many different attachments that you could buy. The different attachments make your picture different. The camera's of today are touch screen and you get better pictures. Instead of the camera's from way back who arent able to hold as much memory, take better pictures, and just be cool looking in general.
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