Mt. Park Principal Update

September 18, 2013

New MPES Web Site

Have you viewed our new web site? It is still a work in progress but has the foundation to improve the communication link between school and home. Check it out:

Text Messaging Reminders

Please set up your phone to receive a text message from me in the event of an emergency or to receive reminders of upcoming events. Follow the directions below. This information is also on our web site.

Text to: (404) 620-2018 with the following message: @mtpar

Kilometer Kids Running Club

One of our parents and two teachers are working on starting a running club sponsored by the Atlanta Track Club called Kilometer Kids. More info will be available soon. They are still in the planning stages. Once they are ready, information will be sent out to recruit other volunteers to support this healthy club for our students.

Orange and Blue Crew

Mr. Young, our counselor, has pulled together an excellent group of fifth grade students to serve as student leaders on our campus called the Orange and Blue Crew. I will be meeting with them next week during lunch to talk about leadership expectations and also to run some items by them for review. They will also be attending an upcoming Peer Helper Conference to learn a variety of strategies to support their peers. Thanks Mr. Young for everything you do for our Mt. Park students.

Car Rider Safety

For our car rider parents, you may have noticed that a Gwinnett County Police Officer was monitoring this morning to make sure we provide a safe unloading process for our students. The officer was providing warnings to parents this morning for making illegal u-turns and said tickets will be issued next week for any observed traffic violations. As a reminder, we have asked that car riders turn right on Stillwood and proceed down to the cul-de-sac to turn around. This prevents cars from backing up on Pounds Road. Thank you for your help.

Setting a Great Example During Lunch

As we started the school year, I was told that last year parents would eat lunch with their children but they would bring a variety of fast foods, milk shakes, pizzas, etc. in the cafeteria and this was not setting a good example for our students as we focus on student wellness. After discussion with our teacher leader council (TLC), I have asked that parents not bring these items in the cafeteria and I thank you for supporting this change. However, I encourage you to take the time to visit your child during lunch. My own kids still remember when my wife and I would take off of work to visit with them at their elementary school. Sometimes, it is the little things that make a difference.

Coffee and Conversation with the Principal - October 7 @ 8 AM

As we near the end of the first nine weeks at Mt. Park, I would like to extend an invitation for parents to meet with me to share concerns, ideas, suggestions as we prepare for the second nine weeks. Please know that I do not get offended when you share your concerns. I am open to new ideas and I encourage you to come to the meeting to share your thoughts. If you are unable to attend, please feel comfortable sharing your ideas with me through email. I look forward to hearing from you.

eClass is coming to Mt. Park

What will an eClassroom look like? What technology do we need that we currently do not have to make this transition? How will teachers integrate technology to increase student engagement? At this point, there are many questions we are exploring as we prepare to increase our use of technology.

Although an actual date has not been set, we have been asked to begin thinking about how we will integrate technology in our classsrooms at MPES to support teaching and learning. Plans are in place to retrofit our campus with new hardware and wireless access points throughout our building to provide a high level of connectivity for our students and staff. I will keep you posted as we move from the planning stage to actual implementation. Until then, the link below provides an overview of eClass.