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The Heroes Journey

If you are a typical hero you went through this certain journey. First you had a normal life but then you had some type of call to adventure. Next you needed some assistance and then you departed. You had many trials, then an approach and next is a crisis. Then you got your treasure; whatever it may be. You had some kind of result after your return. Then you got a new life and a resolution. Then it is back to a kind of normal life.


Archetype: A mold to follow

Complex Character: A character who is explained well and cannot be simply explained

Direct Characterization: A character who is explained by the authors words

Indirect Characterization: A character who is explained through their actions or words

Character Purpose and Motivation: Characters reasoning for doing something

Epic: A series of events

Epic Hero: A hero who goes through an epic

Flat Hero: A hero who is not explained well

Dynamic Hero: A hero who changes throughout the story

Folk Hero: A person whose life is greatly exaggerated and they are liked by others

Myth: A fake traditional story

Theme/Universal Theme: General Lesson or Idea

Journey/Quest: The series of events a character goes through

The Essentials

Circumstances and events impact the development of a character by influencing their decisions and actions. The events impact a character through defining what kind of trials and struggles they have been through.

A hero reflects their society by showing what kind of a community he is from and what kind of people are there. They reflect their values by showing what they think is most important to them in their culture and how they were raised.

A hero can inspire or motivate an entire society by showing that there is hope and someone is there to help.

Heroes display archetypal traits by showing their different sides. Every hero is more than a hero archetype. They can be any one of the other archetypes. They usually reflect the caregiver and the lover.

Most Common Archetypes

In any story you could ever think of there are always these types of characters.

Innocent- naive bystander

Orphan/Regular person- good old boy

Hero- rescuer, winner, superhero

Caregiver- parent, motherly person

Explorer- wanderer, adventurous

Rebel- outcast, bad-boy

Lover- guy, girl love story

Creator- dreamer

Jester- comedian

Sage- wise, old person

Magician- visionary, inventor

Ruler- control, powerful