Alumimole Foil

By: Allie Withee


My compound is Aluminum (or Alumimole) Foil. It's chemical name is aluminum oxide and the formula is Al2O3. So my theme is intended to look silvery and lustrous like the foil. The mole has aluminum foil wrapped around it, to make it look like a roll of aluminum foil since that is the most common way you find aluminum oxide in daily living.

Uses and Purpose

  • It is very pliable so it can easily be wrapped around objects.
  • Used to package food, cosmetics, and chemical products.
  • It is used to make the ball of pens.
  • It can be used to make hip and knee implants.
  • Used to make drawing tools.
  • Used in making circuit boards.

Interesting and True story

In 1886, a French scientist, named Paul Louis Toussaint Hérlout, and an American scientist, named Charles Martin Hall, discovered a process to make aluminum. They both worked separately but came up with the discovery at the same time! They dissolved aluminum oxide in molten cryolite. Then an electric current is passed through and molten aluminum is formed. This is called the Hall-Hérlout process and is still the most common method used today to get pure aluminum.

Physical Properties

  1. Atomic weight is 101.96 g
  2. Melting point: 2054 degrees Celcius
  3. Boiling point: 3000 degrees Celcius

Chemical Properties

  • Reacts with acids
  • Reacts with bases
  • It is an electrical insulator (not a conductor of electricity)

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