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October 7, 2016

Safe and Sound

We are so lucky the storm wobbled to the east. Please take time to allow students to debrief and share their stories. Some of our Little Indians have been without power for days on top of their day to day stress. Our students may need a reminder of our VIBE expectations and practice walking and following our school-wide rules. I would take time to do both when we return.

Here is a great resource.


iReady Data

Please prepare to bring iReady data to our meetings in the front conference room during planning on Friday. We will be looking at the data to determine exactly what our next steps will be to meet the needs of our students.
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Don't be afraid to take risks. Anyone who takes a chance and is willing to TRY OUT Khan Academy or Three Act Math- pick up a TRY IT TICKET outside Ms. Emerson's door and fill it in. Just for taking a risk and trying something new, you will be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift card.
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Bullying vs. Harrassment

Please take time to read over the difference. Bullying is a very serious offense. Take time to go over this with your students as well. If they need a refresher, please contact Mr. Lee and Ms. Riddick.
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Are you interested in being on the District Social Studies adoption team?

Please email me Monday if you would like to be considered for the Social Studies K-12 team.
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WIDA unit planning team for ELL! Anyone interested?

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