Working Bikes

Lee Ravenscroft


Working bikes was founded in 1998 by Lee Ravenscroft. He wanted to rescue disregarded bikes and give them to people in need of them. He redistributes abandoned bikes and gives them to people that maybe can not afford them. They become tools of empowerment in local and global communities. This is just a small way to make a big difference.
There is a man in Houston who wrote about his experience with Working Bikes. He said it was a wonderful experience and perfect way to give a new life to his old bike. He got a newer version of the bike and has been riding it ever since
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Philip Knight and Lee Ravenscroft both are successful entrepreneurs but they did not just sit around and wait for success to come to them. They came to success. The two of them are very hard workers, with the determination of a predator. Although Philip is much more wealthy and him and his company are more well known, they both succeed at what they do.