Water Aerobics

Flexibility and Well Being Classes

Come Exercise in St. Philip under the care of a Certified Master Water Instructor/Arthritis Foundation Certified

Early Bird Class: 7:15 am until 8 am Tuesday to Friday
You are able to participate if you suffer from or have been diagnosed with arthritis, autoimmune disease or musculoskeletal conditions with joint mobility impairment.


  • One month in length
  • Educational information given

Cancer Fitness

You are eligible to participate if you are in remission from cancer or are ready to transition from a supervised program into an independent fitness program.

Water Aerobic and Strengthening /Tone Class 8:10am until 8:45am Tuesday to Friday

This workout stresses toning your muscles using the resistance of the water. Some aerobic work included. A challenging workout worth your time and effort. Swimming ability not required. All levels. Appropriate for pregnancy to 32 weeks or longer depending on fitness level.

TIMES Tuesday to Friday

7:15 to 8:00 Early BIrd-
8:10 to 8:45 Aqua Energizer

Cost is $20 per class.