April 26, 2021

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MPH CAPSTONE Proposal Submission Deadline

PBHL 7800

MPH CAPSTONE Proposal Submission Deadline

Summer Graduates: April 19 – June 9

Fall Graduates: April 19-August 10

MPH students Graduating in Summer or Fall 2021: Signed Capstone proposals will be due NO LATER than 5pm on the posted deadline. You will not be cleared to register for PBHL 7800 until the proposal has been approved by a faculty member first, and the MPH program director (mumbi@uga.edu) last. If you are unsure about this process, please download the capstone manual, read it, and then make an appointment to speak with your advisor prior to this deadline. Make sure all signatures are either PDF electronic signatures, scanned/emailed, OR include the approver in your email communication. Unsigned and unapproved proposals will not be accepted. Capstone Manual is on Appendix E of the MPH Student Handbook. A link to the interactive registration and sample Capstones can also be found on our website. To complete PDF forms you need the most current version of Adobe, which can be found on UGA’s vlab or any CPH computer lab. Problems with printing, saving, or completing the form are almost always an issue with the student using an outdated version of Adobe.

PBHL 7460 and PBHL 7560

Register before August 18

MPH students graduating in Spring 2022: Make sure you have registered for PBHL 7460, and 2-credits of PBHL 7560 for fall 2021. We will hold lunch and learn sessions on 4/28 and 4/30 to discuss the new MPH requirements. Ms. Hughes is reminders with zoom links weekly.

MPH students graduating in Summer or Fall 2022: NO Applied Practice or Integrative Learning registrations are required at this time

MPH Summer 2021 Applied Practice Experience(Internship)

PBHL 7560

MPH Summer 2021 Applied Practice Experience(Internship)

ALL MPH students interning this Summer 2021. You must attend the Field Information Session Briefing (Zoom-detail below) on April 30th from 2pm-3pm.

You will not be cleared to register for PBHL 7560 until the proposal has been approved by a faculty member first, and the MPH practice coordinator (jacquleyn.hughes@uga.edu) last.

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 989 9798 6905

Passcode: 079488

This Is Public Health (TIPH) Ambassador 2021-2022 Nomination

TIPH Ambassador Nomination 2021-2022 Cohort

Nominations to the Ambassador Program need to be submitted by a faculty or staff member at a member institution. Ambassadors will need to commit approximately five hours per month to working with us, specifically through participation in Virtual Fairs, Slack engagement and social media, as well as talking to current undergraduate students. In return, they will:

o Be responsible for posting on social media to spread awareness of the This is Public Health Campaign

o Be provided opportunities to showcase their research/practicum/capstone projects

o Have the ability to share information about their program and institution

o Gain professional development and the ability to network with professionals in the field of Public Health

o Receive free TIPH swag

Students must be in good standing with their institutions to participate, actively seeking a graduate-level degree - either full-time or part-time, and an active member of the public health community. Students should have good communication skills, show leadership abilities, be innovative/creative thinkers, engaging, reliable, and positive/enthusiastic towards public health and higher education.

If you are an enthusiastic student who would be a great ambassador, please send the following information to cphawards@uga.edu. We will select up to two participants for the 2021-2022 cohort. Nominations are due by Monday, May 10th.

· Your Name:

· Your Email:

· Your Phone:

· Degree and Concentration (e.g. MPH - biostatistics):

· Are you studying FT or PT?

· In 50-words or less please tell us why you’d be a great TIPH Ambassador?

Please copy/paste/answer these questions in your email to cphawards@uga.edu. Include ASPPH Ambassadors Application in the subject line.

Course Announcements

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SOWK 7110


The University of Georgia

School of Social Work

Athens, Georgia

Fall, 2021

Instructor: Rebecca Matthew Office Hours: TBD

Class Location: TBD Office Info: Room 350

Class time: TBD Email: ramatthew@uga.edu

See syllabus below for details.

Meetings & Events

Requesting Your Support

My name is Dr. Janani Thapa. I am a Professor and Researcher at the Department of Health Policy and Management/College of Public Health at the University of Georgia. My team is conducting a research study on mental health among college students. We invite you to participate in this study to help us understand mental health issues facing college students and evaluate an intervention to provide mental health support.

This research study has two phases. Phase 1 is a survey that takes 10 minutes to complete. Phase 2 is an intervention to provide mental health support. The intervention lasts 4 weeks and involves sharing and engaging with information about mental health online.

You may choose to participate in only Phase 1 of the study or both Phase 1 and 2.

All students 18 years and older enrolled at {Albany State University / UGA College of Public Health} are eligible to participate in the study. Phase 2 participants must plan to remain in the U.S. until the intervention is complete.

We will randomly select 15 participants from Phase 1 to receive $100 gift cards. Participation is not required to enter the drawing.

All Phase 2 participants will receive a $20 gift card for their participation.

If you are interested in participating in the study, please click the link below to learn more and access the Phase 1 survey:


Your participation in this research is entirely voluntary. There are no consequences of any kind for choosing not to participate. Thank you for helping us learn about these important issues! If you have questions or would like more information about the study, please send an email to jrthapa@uga.edu with “mental health study” in the subject heading. If you would like to enter the drawing but do not want to participate in the research, you may send an email to jrthapa@uga.edu with the subject heading drawing entry.

Covid-19 Vaccine Ambassadors

Dear Students Leaders and Influencers,

I look forward to the day when our campus is full with students attending classes and experiencing Bulldog Life! The greatest opportunity we have to resume and maintain normal operations is through vaccination. You can be a part of the solution!

I am recruiting twenty-five UGA Covid-19 vaccine ambassadors. From June 7-December 7, student vaccine ambassadors will work in their personal contexts to build trust in the vaccine through personal conversations and storytelling, community presentations, social media engagement, and other innovative communications opportunities. The work will begin this summer and conclude at the end of the fall semester. This effort is supported by Interfaith Youth Core with funding from the Arthur Blank Foundation. Vaccine ambassadors will be trained by Interfaith Youth Core. My role will be to support the campaign and facilitate your creative communication in your spheres of influence. The UGA vaccine ambassadors will collaborate to develop the best ways to reach the UGA community. Ambassadors will receive $1500 for their efforts.

I want to involve highly motivated campus leaders including those working with SGA, Greek Life, student housing, public health, campus ministries, etc., as well as social media influencers. To apply go to the UGA Vaccine Ambassadors' Application. Applications will be accepted until all positions are filled. All positions will be finalized by May 24, 2021.


Summer Walton Wellness

This Statement of Work describes the internship opportunity for the summer semester, dated May- August 2021 working with the FoodRx program.

Start Date: May 1st 2021

End Date: Aug 1st 2021

Description of work :

This intern will assist with physician engagement and participant engagement and coordination for our summer 2021 FarmRx Program. They will capture and analyze participant attendance, demographics, and biometric measures. They will develop a summary report for each participant to be sent to their referring provider as well as a program summary report of all program participant demographics.

Services to Be Performed by the Intern:

● Participant coordination

● Data analysis

● Report generation

Deliverables to Be Provided by the Intern and Any Deadlines:

● Participant List

● Participant Attendance Records

● Retention Statistics

● Summary Report for each participant

● Program summary data to include participant demographics, biometrics

● An evaluation report to include success, barriers, and recommendations for improvement.

Milestone Deliverable

Delivery Date


1. Participant List

May 1, ongoing

2. Attendance Records


3. Retention Stats, patient summary reports, program summary report, evaluation report

July 31

Or interested in working with a larger market population at the weekly farmer's markets?

Contact Alex Lundy with your Resume, Cover Letter and any questions.

Alex Lundy- Email: waltonwellnesshealthed@gmail.com

SAFE@CDC Experiential Learning Opportunities

Open to undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral candidates. These will go live on Handshake to students April 09 - 16, 2021.

Job Postings:

1) #4642150 CDC SAFE Fellowship | Exposure Investigations Fellow

2) #4642537 CDC SAFE Fellowship | Public Health Fellow

3) #4642672 CDC SAFE Fellowship | Cancer Cluster and Regional Activity Tracker (CCARAT) Fellow (Open to graduate and doctoral students)

4) #4642755 CDC SAFE Fellowship | Medical Fellow (Open to graduate, doctoral, medical students)

5) #4642904 CDC SAFE Fellowship | Statistical and Data Fellow

6) #4643046 CDC SAFE Fellowship | Evaluation Fellow

7) #4643258 CDC SAFE Fellowship | Epidemiology Fellow

How to Apply:

These opportunities are open to undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral candidates. Interested candidates must submit a Student Interest Form, resume and unofficial transcript to CDC Human Resources Office via email at: HRCS@cdc.gov with SWEP/SAFE @CDC in the email subject line.

To learn more, click here https://www.cdc.gov/jobs/pathways.html#swep.

Care to Share?

If you wish to request a posting to our graduate student Newsletter, please email lindseyt@uga.edu with specific information on your event or announcement by Friday at 10AM.