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Media is a distraction by Malakai Ashenafi

Why Media is a distraction

I think the media is a waste of time. So the only way to fix this starts with you. I see people everywhere running to their phones to see their last text message they have received. I think that it’s crazy and a distraction. I mean, what if you were at a job interview and you just pull out your phone, in the middle of the interview and just start texting. Unbelieveable. So here is my side of the story about media. Let's start with the problem.

The problem with the media today is that it's a distraction. I think that the media we use now is distracting us from what is important.“The tweens surveyed averaged almost four and one-half hours screen media viewing each day, which include watching TV, videos, DVDs, and

movies”.( I say we should be using that time wisely by doing homework or reading a book. We should not be cramped up in bed watch Netflix all day, do you hear me. “Tweens spend on average, only spend 20 minutes a day reading non school-related books”.( This statistic proves my point, the media we use today is a distraction.

The solution for this problem is to limit the time amount you use your phone or any other type of media. To do this you can go outside, or go to the movies, or you can just do something simple, sleep. Just do something that doesn't require any media. Also just have fun and be energetic, exercise, sleep just do something with no media involved. The point is that people need to limit their usage with media. Also people need to use media as a tool not a distraction. Lastly, people need to understand that there is a time for media and there is a time for real stuff. So that is all I have to say about this solution.

Another solution is to not use your media at all. Not using your phone or tablet can be relaxing and nerve-calming. Also, not using media at all can be helpful with your school grades and school work. Also, you not using any type of media can help you to go to sleep. Not checking media or calling your friends can be very helpful when you are studying for a test or quiz. You can also ask your parents to take away your phone before you go to bed and give it back to you in the morning, because you don’t want to be up all night binge-watching Power Rangers on netflix. Their are millions of solutions to not use media at all, but you have to do these solutions. Thank you for your time.

So today I told you what the problem with the media is. Also, I told you what the solution is for the problem. I also told you what the solution can do for you. So now you go find something wrong with the media and make a paper about it.


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