I went to Manila Philippines


Basketball is their favorite sport followed by badminton. although soccer is becoming an increasingly popular sport. Not many golf it is considered a rich man sport. Tennis is also very popular, but basketball is king. Everyone plays it, everyone watches it. Basketball is bigger there than football is here.


While I was in the Philippines I ate some pretty unusual stuff, but of all the weird things I ate I would have to say balut was by far the weirdest.

Fast Food

Their fast food is a lot different than what we have here. Their McDonalds sells spaghetti. Their main fast food restaurant is called Jollibee. It is similar to McDonalds. Their main food is chicken.


Traffic is horrible there. It is like the traffic in New York City. Pedestrians have the right of way but in Philippines they don't care. They wont stop for pedestrians, and it isnt uncommon to get hit by a car. They are very aggressive drivers. People with scooters will just weave through cars and cars will go off the road to pass you.

Worlds Smallest Volcano

They are also home the worlds smallest volcano called taal. If you want to you can pay to get a donkey ride up the volcano to look down the center.
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