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Stopher Newsletter, August 15th

Message from our Interim Principal

Hi Families!!!

As I stood in the Stopher lobby at 8:15am Wednesday morning, I was honestly quite nervous about the day. How in the world would I be able to connect with this huge group of students, faculty, and families who knew very little, if anything about me, and with one-half of my face covered??? It’s been six years since I opened a year in an elementary school and I wondered, Scott, do you even remember what to do? Then it happened. I quickly realized I did not need to worry about that face mask, I needed the kids to see my heart and love for them. The rest would fall in place. As the day progressed, I noticed the students transitioned from “Who is that?” to “Hi Mister-Doctor Hooper!” Students seemed to quickly understand they are certainly my “why” when it comes to being an educator. I felt the pride of being a part of this wonderful school as I observed everyone move from place to place. As I gazed into the eyes of each child and adult, I quickly realized what an exceptional place I was privileged to serve! I felt accepted, valued, and appreciated. The first day of school was awesome! There’s no better place than an elementary school in August!

I’ll always shout from the rooftop that the most important thing an educator must do is establish positive relationships. This sets the foundation for learning and is critical in every school. We rarely remember the teachers we had back in the day who were outstanding in their teaching ability. We remember those who developed great relationships with us, believed in us, and expected us to be our best. That theme certainly prevailed last week as I enjoyed the first three days of school. Our faculty demonstrated a commitment to positive relationships with students everywhere I looked! After all our experiences since March, 2020; Stopher faculty is intently focused on relationships and building community, to the benefit for our students.

I do understand the start of a school year does come with its share of challenges. We all worry about the safety and health of our kids in the midst of the pandemic. Transportation to and from school the first week always brings its issues and frustrations. Parents, thank you so much for your patience and support as we encountered and worked through the challenges. I learned many years ago the incredible value of outstanding partnerships between families and the school. Children certainly thrive in those circumstances. Stopher is indeed a school of excellence because of our partnerships with you. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Only 172 days to go!


Stopher Spirit Wear ... Purchase Yours Now!

Stopher Spirit Wear can now be purchased on-line. Orders must be placed by August 25th. Items will be sent home via student backpacks in early to mid September. Click below ....


Car Rider Line

The car rider line begins on Arnold Palmer Blvd, turns right onto Landmark Dr and crosses Aiken onto the school drive. Please do not try to enter the line from Aiken Rd. We ask that you be considerate of those parents following the route put into place by LMPD.

In the afternoon, cars MUST have the blue card clearly displayed in their windows. You can not use last year's card. We change the colors every year for the safety of our students.

Picking Students Up From Office

The office is closed to visitors from 3:30 to 4:00 daily. No students will be dismissed from the office during this time.

Once the car rider line has completed, students remaining in the gym will be brought to the office. Parents trying to pick up from the office at or after 4:00 will wait until those students are brought to the office. You will pick up your student faster by remaining in the line.

Bus Updates

Bus updates being sent via email and text will continue until buses are running on a regular schedule.

During dismissal, students load buses quickly; however, Stopher can not control when buses arrive at Stopher. Sending the bus updates is the only way we can reassure parents of where their children are and give them an idea of when to expect their children home.

Volunteer Opportunities at Stopher

Stopher has always had fantastic volunteer support from our parents. Click below to find out how you can become involved!

School Meals Update

Breakfast and lunch is being provided to ALL students for the 2021/2022 school year at no cost. Please be aware that this free program is being conducted with COVID funds made available to the school system and is a temporary situation. Meals may return to their normal fee the following school year.

**You do not need a Free/Reduced Meal Applicaiton on file for free meals; however, you will need one if you want to be excused from class and field trip fees.

School Meal Menu

Students will be given items to choose from when receiving breakfast or lunch. You can view the menu for the month via the following links:

Breakfast for August

Lunch for August

Medicine Distribution at School

Staff are not permitted to administer any medication without signed documentation from a physician. This includes over the counter medications such as Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Cough Drops, Sun Screen, Lotions, etc... Please contact if you need a form for your physician to complete. All medications and forms are to be given to Teresa in the Stopher office.

NOTE: Students are not permitted to carry medication (including cough drops). Inhalers may be carried by a student provided there is a form on file with a physician's permission to do so.

Stopher PTA Membership Information

The PTA is a integral part of our school. See the attached form to find out how you can become involved!

JCPS Required Documents

All students in JCPS must have the following items on file. If you are new to our school system, please be sure to submit them as soon as possible. They can be emailed to

  • birth certificate
  • immunization form
  • school physical
  • eye exam
  • dental exam

If your child submitted the medical documents during his/her pre-school enrollment, those forms are no longer valid. Please obtain updated forms from your physician and turn those in as soon as possible.

Stopher Basketball

The Stopher 4th & 5th Grade Basketball Team is in need of a coach. If you are interested, please contact Ms. Hart at This is a volunteer position and all volunteers must complete a background check.

Stopher Cheer Sign-Ups

This team is for 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students interested in cheering at the Stopher Basketball Games. No experience is necessary. The deadline to register is August 20th. See the PDF below for details.