The Crime of the Three Blind Mice

A Theft Not to be Forgotten

Words to Know as You Read This Article!

- Arrest (to take someone into custody by legal authority)
- Bail (to release someone from imprisonment after a sum of money is paid to ensure they appear in court when needed)
- Felony or Misdemeanor (a crime often involving violence that can be punished by more than one year of imprisonment)
- Grand Jury (a jury that analyzes the evidence of an accusation before trial)
- Indictment (a formal charge or accusation of a serious crime)
- Public Defender (a lawyer given to a defendant who cannot pay for their own)
- Arraignment (to call someone before court to answer a criminal charge)
- Plea Bargaining (this is when the defendant agrees to plea guilty in return for getting something from the prosecutor)
- Petit Jury (the standard jury for civil and criminal trials)
- Witness (someone who witnessed the occurrence of an act and testifies for the defense or prosecutor)
- Subpoena (a writ ordering a person to attend court)
- Defendant (the person being accused in the court of law)

The Theft of the Bicycles

Once upon a time, there were three blind mice. Legally, they could not drive cars which they were not happy about. Therefore they decided they wanted to ride bikes around their city. However, the mice were not exactly the wealthiest of creatures (which is what later on requires them to have a Public Defender instead of paying for their own) so they made the decision to steal some bicycles. After they stole three bikes from "Bob's Bikes", they were then found on surveillance cameras stealing the bicycles. The three blind mice were then found in their home with the bikes, and arrested. They were not given an indictment because it was not a serious crime or felony, however they were given an arraignment. So after spending a week in prison (they could not pay to be bailed out), and their case being brought before a Grand Jury and approved to move on, the three blind mice were brought before court after receiving a subpoena. This is when they were given a Public Defender, as they could not pay for their own lawyer. The three blind mice went before the petit jury as the defendants and made a plea bargain with Bob the Beaver, the owner of the bike shop. There were no witnesses to the incident, however there was security footage. (Impressive for a world of animals, huh?) The three blind mice pleaded guilty and Bob agreed to allow them to work at the bike shop to pay off their debt as long as they returned the bikes. After a year, the three blind mice had paid off their debt and Bob even agreed to hire them as full time workers. Even though they could not see the bikes, they all had an amazing sense of touch that allowed them to fix the bikes quickly and efficiently.
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