Cougar Press

Volume 1 Issue 3

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The Haunted Jander by Adam

This haunted house is called The Haunted Jander. The Haunted Jander has a huge yard (graveyard). The yard is perfect for ghost in the graveyard because there are litteral ghosts in the graveyard. There is a lot or cracks and stains because there is white page.

The first room is the kitchen. It is very unpleasant because the oven is always running. The refrigerator is always open. That is why The Haunted Jander is still up and running. My advice is to not go in the kitchen.

The second floor is the living room. The TV is quite cracked and it only has one channel but it is only on Halloween. The couch is ripped up and knowone knows why. Plus there are cobwebs everywhere. So also don't go in the living room.

The bedroom is quite nice if you like monsters under your bed. The closet is filled with shape shifting goons. The bed is ripped into shreds because of my old pet that was a werewolf. The drawers are filled little critters that were probably from area 51.

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A Haunted House by Anthony

My house has 15 rooms, were only going to talk about three.One is the deep swimming pool, the scary bedroom, and the basement.Try not to get scared,and...BOO!

Our first room is the deep sea swimming pool! Inside it has creeping creatures surrounding you .Also there is a creaking diving board that you might like to jump on.when you jump on trying not to get eaten by alligators.

Our second room is the bedroom! it has monsters under the old bed. This closet keeps on creaking. Who's in there? You can hear the owls going, ”who?”.

Our final one is the basement! Watch out for the noises near under the stairs. There are flickering lights that are scary.
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The Creepy Mansion by Aaden

There is a haunted house for sale on 100th Street. It is a huge mansion. With 10 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. It has vines growing on it. It has a graveyard in your front yard. It is an awesome house

The basement is underground. It is a relaxing place it has three rooms. A bathroom a workout area and the main area. It has a TV and a couch with two chairs. It is the best basement.

The attic is the creepiest attic in the world. It is filled with spiders. It is 20 feet tall and 50 feet wide, with spiderwebs on each side . It is so creepy.

The never ending room. That literally never ends. It is built with a bridge over poisoned water. Filled with crocodiles and deadly piranhas.

Porch Pumpkin by Lisi

Hi! My name is Jaky the Jack o’ Lantern! Today is Halloween! So here I am , sitting on my beautiful porch, waiting for something to happen. But this morning, some of my favorite kids who live in this house came out and got this in this thing on wheels and left. So now I am here waiting. Hopefully something will happen. Oh! The kids came back! Now they are in the house and I am alone.

Now they are back out. But this time, they are in costumes! And they went to the neighbors. All of a sudden out of my squishy triangle eyes I saw a whole bunch of kids! Then more and more! And they all came and went over and over. It was getting dark now. Then this one little kid came right up to me, pulled my top off, and looked inside! Then he went away. This happened all night. Then my kids came back, and went in the house again. And I was all alone, in the dark again.

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Halloween from a Pumpkin's Perspective by Anna

Normally in the month October pumpkins get picked from the pumpkin patch. I am one of those pumpkins. I came home from the patch one day to a house. I've been pretty lonely until Halloween. Lots of kids come to the house and ask for candy. It smells like chocolate. One time this kid kicked me, it hurt. Lots of people get candy and I get stepped on. (Not fair)

Cell Phones in School by Katherine

Cell phones have multiple good and bad things about them. I think we should be able to have phones in school because they can be used for projects, in case of emergencies, and we can learn different things from them.

The cons of having phones in school are that they may be distracting to other people and we might have them out when we do not need them.

Votes for Favorite College Football Rivalries by Brody and Joey

Ohio state Vs Michigan- 17

Army Vs Navy-9

Alabama Vs Auburn- 3

Norter dame Vs USC- 11

Georgia Vs florida- 2

Florida state Vs miami- 1

Mississippi Vs Ole Miss- 1

Pittsburgh Vs west Virginia- 3

Texas Vs Texas A&M-2

Michigan State Vs Michigan- 23

Arizona State Vs Arizona-4

Yale Vs Havard- 14

Animal Shelters by Aelitta

The pros and cons of animal shelters are listed right here. Animal shelters have helped animals with no home and brought them in to give them a second chance to have a family. About 1.6 million dogs and 1.6 million cats have been adopted each year. In this paper, some pros and cons of animal shelters will be listed.

Pros for animal shelters are that animal shelters provide incentives to make adopting their animals easy for any potential new owner. While fees vary from shelter to shelter, the shelter's cost to allow adoptions is much lower than the cost of resources required to house and feed the animals.

The Elegant Skeleton by Max and Brody

There was a skeleton named Benjamin

Benjamin was very elegant

He was an elegant skeleton

Benjamin looked elegant in black

He wore black with his red hat

But when Benjamin walked…

He didn’t look so elegant

His feet were made of gelatin

Benjamin walked

He wobbled and bobbled

Like a blob of jello

Benjamin didn’t like his gelatin feet

But he said...

It’s ok! Because I'm an elegant skeleton

Halloween Acrostic by Emma and Claire









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Lizzie Chatting with Lucy

What makes you happy? Cousins

If you could give $100 to a charity, which would you choose? Kids Food Basket

What makes you feel thankful? Family

What is your favorite color? black

What is your favorite food? Italian

What is your favorite treat? Chocolate bars

What is your favorite subject in school? Math

What is your favorite sport? Volleyball

What is your favorite hobby? Volleyball

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College Football Rankings by Ben

1. Ohio State 6-0

2. Alabama 6-0

3. LSU 6-0

4. Clemson 6-0

5. Oklahoma 6-0

6. Wisconsin 6-0

7. Penn State 6-0

8. Florida 6-1

9. Georgia 5-1

10. Auburn 5-1

11. Notre Dame 5-1

12. Oregon 5-1

13. Baylor 6-0

14. Utah 5-1

15. Michigan 5-1