Lucas B. 6th Period Sherwood Social Studies

Historical References: Explain at least 3 references to REAL Events in your novel. Use the novel to cite specific text examples as evidence for these references. Include page number if possible and remember quotation marks.

Response: Jews had to steal from many things from Germans to live, so they just were punished harsher than already. Also, many Jews didn't give out their indentity, so they gave themselves German names to not be identified as Jews. Lastly, Jews also imagined themselves as being wild and free, so they could survive their struggles.

Who are the main characters? Give an in-depth description of each of the characters, include personality traits, qualities, and other specific details about the characters.

Response: The main character is a Jew nicknamed "Stoptheif" because every time they saw him taking something, they'd yell "STOP, THIEF!" at him.

What is your opinion of the book? Would you recommend the book? Why or why not? Clarify your point of view with 3 or more reasons. Support your reasons with specific examples from the book.

Response: I do not recommend the book. It seems pretty redundant and does not interest me. It goes on and on about unimportant stuff and I want to see important stuff more often.

What is the main setting of the book (location and time period)?

Response: The time period is the time of the Holocaust, where Jews were being taken to concentration camps, to be killed or put to work for the rest of their lives.

Explain some of the major problems the main character faced and how they were resolved?

Response: A main problem with the main character is the fact that he can't buy stuff from stores because he's a Jew, so he has to steal food from people in order to live.

Quotable Quotes: Find at least 3 memorable quotes that impacted you. Remember to use quotation marks!