One million people affected in the U.S.

What is Autism?

Autism is a disorder in brain development. Autism can be characterized by difficulties in social aspects, communication, repetitive actions, and mainly making sense of our world.

What Makes Autistic Kids Different?

Our brains are in charge of understanding what is happening around us with what we see, touch, smell, hear, and experience.Kids with autism have trouble understanding these things which makes it hard for them to talk, listen, play, and learn.There are different levels of autism that range from mild

to severe.

Growing Rates

Signs of Autism

  • The first two to three years of a child’s life it is diagnosed.
  • The child isn't babbling or pointing by age one.
  • There is no response when someone says their name.
  • The child has poor eye contact.
  • There is no smiling or social responsiveness.
  • The child has no ability to make friends with peers.
  • There is an absence of how to be social or play.
  • The child isn't flexible to change their schedule


Causes of Autism

  • No one has found the exact cause
Studies think:
  • Weight problems when they are born. (too big, too small)
  • Mothers who have Birth problems.
  • Genetics within the family.
  • Vaccines that the child has received. (proven wrong)
  • Abnormalities in brain structure noticed by a doctor.

There is no way to prevent Autism. Autism is a lifelong disability .

Organizations that help Autism

-Autism Speaks

-Autism Society

-Autism Center