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October 2021

Newsletter #51

Fall Tasks in the Fields & Beds

This week should bring final harvests from our last few plants, along with much end-of-season work. Our crew harvested a ton of pumpkins and gourds this month. It looks festive here as well as in many homes around the valley, thanks to this bountiful growing season! Soon we will be done removing weed barrier and drip lines, tilling and planting cover crops, neatening up and putting away. Then our fields and garden beds will settle in for a long winter's nap...

Apples, Apples, Apples!

We have spent a lot of time in the kitchen this fall. We have made applesauce twice. The first time was for us to enjoy and to sell by donation. The second time was for making apple butter. That took five ginormous pots to cook the mountain of sweet apple pieces down to sauce! All that applesauce making gave our crew - and some treasured volunteers - lots of experience with washing, peeling, coring, cutting, stirring, squishing, pouring, and cleaning! We got lots of fine motor work in and plenty of laughter and smiles out! As a bonus, after the apple work was done, our friend Sally baked us a homemade apple pie. Thanks, Sally! It was just perfect!

Apple Butter For Sale

Our apple prep work led up to a special Saturday of outdoor, old-fashioned apple butter making with Common Ground Church Community and Connecting Life Church. This was a first time for many of us, under the experienced tutelage of Sally & Fred Carrier and their daughter, Jennifer Shannon. The Carriers are old hands at this increasingly rare open-fired, copper kettle cooking experience. We thank them, and all who helped in any way, for providing this fun and delicious learning opportunity! Goodness Grows now has fresh, homemade apple butter for sale, $5 per jar. All proceeds will go right into our programs. Stop by the church during the week from 8:30am-2:30pm and get a jar for your family!

Coat & Clothing (& More!) Giveaway 2021

The fifth annual giveaway day was a success. People came from all over the area, both to donate before and to look for useful treasures during. The GG crew played a tremendous role in making sure this event went well. Cleaning, carrying, sorting, and organizing...they did it all! We are so proud of our hardworking young men and women. Soon they will be helping to pack up and send away the leftovers. Then, before we know it, it'll be time to organize for 2022! We have already received our first bag of donations for next fall!

We Miss You, Kelly!

We sadly said goodbye to Miss Kelly Shannon as an everyday part of GG. We wish her well as she moves on to a new job that may show her the path to her future. Everyone will miss having her on all our adventures. The good news is that she is willing to come help out when she we already had a bonus day with her! She will always be a part of the GG family and we look forward to many more bonus days or even little visits! Good luck, Kel, and thanks for everything!!

Jungle Jam & Juicy Jam

Happy Cranberry Season!!

Current Flavors at Goodness Grows:

  • ​Jungle Jam: Blueberry Jalapeno, Cranberry Jalapeno, Hot, Cherry Habanero, Peach Habanero, Dragon
  • Juicy Jam: Peach Lemonade, Cranberry Orange

Once these peach jars are gone, we will not have peach jams again until next peach season.

If you return an 8oz. jam jar, you get $1 off the purchase of a new 8oz. jam!

Give us a call at 330-549-9408 or contact us online to arrange a pick-up or delivery. Jungle Jam is also sold at Reach for the STARS in Salem and at the Columbiana Chamber of Commerce.

Jungle Jams contain hot peppers - either jalapeno, habanero, dragon, or a mix.

Juicy Jams are our limited special fruit jam - no peppers here!

Upcoming Shows

November 13 - Salem Craft Show

December 4 - Canfield High School Craft Show

December 5 - Holiday Flea

GG will be there with jams and cat toys for your
holiday shopping needs!

Watch for more details.

Ways to Support GG

* Online Shopping ~ Just use Amazon Smile - choose Goodness Grows as your charity of choice.

* Buying Products ~ Jungle Jam, Juicy Jam, cat toys, Apple Butter, etc. - all proceeds go back into our program.

* Volunteering ~ Give of your time and get back lots of love & smiles!

* Donating Items ~ We are always in need of items like basic jam making supplies such as regular 8oz. canning jars, lids, sugar, and white vinegar. Craft items are also appreciated. Our crew loves to work on projects!

* Charitable Giving ~ As a small non-profit, Goodness Grows depends upon generous donors who give monetary support. A contribution to Goodness Grows is tax-deductible, to the extent allowed by law. Your donations help us to continue our mission of working with people of all abilities.

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